Is Pinky PYGOD’s wives material? No way!

Is Pinky PYGOD’s wives material?  No way!

Pinky BUBBLE ASS Goddess

For the last couple of days I’ve been wanking frenetically on… PinkyPinky is a short 4’11”, huge 45-inch booty, pale African-American porn star with pink/red hair with a degree in asslicking (women only sorry) and a mastery in strap-on pounding.

But is this enough to be inducted in the PYGOD’s wives as one of the most beautiful and sluttiest girl of all time??

Pinky porn star hip hop
A Pinky very average pic.

Let’s evaluate Pinky on all the PYGOD’s wives criterias.


PYGOD’s wives criterias

1th- She must be hot!  Pinky is hardly a 7.5 on 10.  Huge booty, flat tits, bad teeth, and questionable personal hygiene.

2nd- She must be dirty!  Not that much.  Pinky will lick big fat ugly women’s ass but no man’s ass.  Apart for a not so sure anal scene, she doesn’t do anal.

3rd- Obviously, she must be a porn star.  Yes indeed, she is a porn star.  But only seems to work with the same old fat ass girls and the same old underground black women.  Her camera work is always very amateur.

4th- I must see her feet and her getting a facial cumshot. She must have perfect sexy feet. And she must enjoy facial cumshots. Bareback fuck. Bisexual girl.  Her feet are lickable, she is bi, and on the receiving end of several facial cumshots.  Bareback fuck too.

5th- And most importantly, SPARKS. It must be a kind of chemistry between me and my PYGOD’s wives. A love crush!  Sparks are definately there!

Sometimes a girl is hot and got all the basic criterias, the big plus, and a high score on the Sluttiness Scale. But without the magic sparks, she just can’t be a PYGOD’s wives.  The girl is not hot and nowhere near being a beauty.  But her big fat booty gave me fantastic hard-on.  She is dirty with fat booty women but not dirty enough with men.  Not as fiery as PYGOD’s wives Debi Diamond, Nicole Sheridan, Eva Angelina, and the others.  Pinky too often looks wasted on drugs or something.  Which is a big con.  BUT holy fuck!  She gave me sparks and can kickstart my heart faster than many girls.



1- Rimjob to male. I can’t resist a girl diggin’ her tongue in a man ‘s asshole.  A lot of deep and long dedicated rimjob on all kind of women but none on a man.

2- Getting Hand Over Mouth (HOM) handgagged. I’ve got a serious handgag fetish.  I haven’t see that yet!

3- Femme Fontaine AKA Squirt.  Yeah!  She squirts!


EXTREME SLUTTINESS SCALE: (The slutiest they are the better they are.)

1- Anal (Almost mandatory)  None, except for one pseudo-scene.

2- Double Penetration (DP)  No.

3- Squirt facial are highly appreciated. (Annette Schwarz, Eva Angelina, Belladonna, Tori Welles) ?

4- Piss (Golden Shower) A woman getting pissed in her mouth and face is a unique sight of sluttiness. (Annette Schwarz, Jayna James, Belladonna, Ariana Jollee, Jasmin St.Claire)  ?  I don’t think so.

5- Screwing with fans and ugly people. (Jasmin St. Claire)  Yes, at least ugly fat girls.

6- Screwing with shemale / tranny. (Ariana Jollee, Belladonna, Cindy Crawford, Annette Schwarz) Nope

7- And the Ultimate Delight. Bestiality.  Except for Monica Mattos nobody’s do that.


For sure, the number of jerks-off she gave me is critical in her nomination.  She’s on her way for a world record.  13 TIMES ON THE LAST SEVEN DAYS!!!

And remember my friend, when you’re a PYGOD’s wives. You’re a PYGOD’s wives 4 ever.  I sure don’t want Pinky to be one of my beloved PYGOD’s wives.  But it’s not me that decide.  It’s my dick!

Overall, Pinky is not a hottie and far from being a dirty hoe.  So WTF?  Why am I so attracted to her?  She must have a little something that the other girls don’t?  Maybe a big ass something!

 Forget about it, I’ve inducted Pinky into my PYGOD’s wives Harem onSaturday April 13, 2013. PYGOD's wivesPYGODswives