How to Become a Webcam Model

How to become a webcam model?
It’s really easy and accessible for everybody! Absolutely NO experience or qualification necessary. Gay, lesbians, transgenders, singles or couples. Women and men of all orientations, shape, sizes, and ethnicities are welcome. Either part-time or full-time. There is only 4 requirements.
1- Being over 18 years old and being able to prove it.
2- Having access to a computer.
3- Having access to an internet connection.
4- Having access to a webcam.

CamGirls are The New Porn Superstars a webcam model made $34 000 a month working just four to five nights per week.


Advantages to be a webcam model?
There are many.
1- Money, money, money! A lot of money compare to a “regular” job. On average, a model will make between $750 to $2500 per week. Think about it, $50 an hour as soon as now!
2- Complete freedom being your own boss and having no contractual obligation. You work home, when you want, and as much as you want! You are the boss so you set your own schedule. The more you work, the more money you will earn!
3- Fun! No more chat for nothing. Now you can meet and interact with new people while earning hundreds of dollars a day.
4- Privacy and safety.


Is it possible to stay anonymous as a webcam model?
Yes you can! If you don’t want yours parents, friends, and the people of certain city, country to know. On LiveJasmin, you can block certain geographic locations and protect your identity. Example: If you are from Quebec, Canada and you wish that no-one from Quebec seeing you. You, as a model, have the option of blocking anyone from Quebec from seeing your webcam. You can even block the entire country of Canada if you wish. And nobody will ever know where you come from, except if you told them.


What are the advantages to sign-up via PYGOD’s wives?
Elvis Presley got Colonel Parker! Celine Dion got Rene Angelil! And you got me, PYGOD! With me, PYGOD, you’re not lonely anymore. You will be a webcam model/performer for the largest webcam site in the world (LiveJasmin) AND the largest webcam network in the world (Internet Modeling). And I will be your guiding light through the adult entertainment business.

And if you want to, since some models prefers to keep a low profile, I will promote you as an Adult Entertainment Superstar, an Internet Superstar.


If you want to make the headlines of my PYGOD.COM,,, and my network of websites and blogs. If you want your personal website. If you want your own fan club. If you want your business card. If you want T-shirt and promotional materials with your face on. You can have it all! All you need to do is to show seriousness and commitment.


Remember it is 100% Free to become a web cam model. No start-up fees or costs of any kind. Anyone saying otherwise is probably a scam artist.

Who’s gonna pay me?
There is no intermediate. You will get paid directly by Live Jasmin and Internet Modeling Agency. The two very best, legit and most trusted adult cam networks.


What you really need to be a successful webcam model?
When I talk about success here, I talk about money. And to make real BIG money you need to treat it like a business. Because being an online model is a real and legitimate business. Nonetheless you can still make substantial earnings working 2-3 hours a day.

Being a webcam model is like anything else. The more you work, the more money you get.

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Start now!
First step:
Register with LiveJasmin. Because LiveJasmin is the world’s most visited video chat site which mean more money in your pocket. LiveJasmin is very strict regarding privacy and safety. It has geographic blocking, which mean it is really easy to block regions, cities, or countries from viewing your cam. You can also block rude and unfriendly customers. And nobody will ever know which country you’re from unless you tell them.

Click here for the LiveJasmin registration page (will open in a new window) then click on “REGISTER NOW!”

On the next page,

  • Select “Easy registration” if you are registering yourself as a solo performer. Select “Advanced registration” if you are registering more than one performer (couple, threesome, opening own studio, etc)
  • Enter a username, password, and e-mail address
  • Check the “Accept Terms And Conditions” box
  • Click “Register”

Complete the remaining forms and submit required documents. (You will need to submit a copy of your ID with two photos to verify your age.)

Second step:
Register with Internet Modeling. Because Internet Modeling is not a webcam site, it is an entire network of adult webcam sites. Internet Modeling Agency has a High Earning Potential because it is the Largest Traffic Generating Adult Cam Network and one of highest traffic flows on the entire web. So you are sure to find plenty of paying customers. Some of the best webcam models have made over $2000 in a single day. It is possible withInternet Modeling, since the web cam models can be in paid show for many clients at once and spend very little time in free chat.

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