BiBi Jones

BiBi Jones

Rob Gronkowski and BiBi Jones

BiBi Jones and Rob Gronkowski “scandal”
As seen on this picture, NFL Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski was hanging out with porn star BiBi Jones on his bye week.  The charming couple photo was posted via Gronkowski’s Twitter account. 
The picture, taken in October 2011, caused a pseudo-scandal into the National Football League?!?  What the hell?  Just like any other citizen, Rob Gronkowski can frequent and pose with whoever he wants!!!  He is “just” a football player not the president of the United States!!!… 

Rob Gronkowski apologizes for the picture?!.. lol…  What’s next, maybe he will have to testify before Congress!?!  Puritan hypocrisy.

It was later said that Rob Gronkowski, BiBi Jones and 6 other guys were watching one of BiBi’s porn movies (Ideal scenario for a gangbang).  But the porn princess says nothing happened, despite wanting something to happen?!?

Terry Gross pimped BiBi Jones to fuck potential clients.BiBi Jones fucked Dan Uggla and other MLB players 
Further “scandal” including the sultry porn star.  Top agent Terry Gross allegedly pimped BiBi Jones (althrought not for money… hum hum) to hook up with potential clients.

Dan Uggla also fucked BiBi Jones

Baseball player Dan Uggla also fucked BiBi Jones.  The young and sweet BiBi Jones claims she fucked over 10 MLB players via pimp / agent Terry Gross.  Not hard to believe, BiBi Jones is the perfect gift to offer to potential business partners.  Married or not, who would resist such a hot piece of pussy?

As you can see with her attire, BiBi Jones is a sports fan…  BiBi digs athletes too!
xxxBiBiJones Twitter pic

Twitter queen

With 126 914 followers (as of today November 16, 2011), we can say that porn star BiBi Jones is hugely popular on Twitter.  With spicy tweets like: “One of the best things to wake up to is getting my pussy pounded when I wake up and being filled with cum…”; “Dinner and getting fucked by my fav…” and saucy pictures everybody wants to follow her daily private life.    

BiBi Jones signed with Digital Playground at 19

Digital Playground youngest porn star BiBi Jones

Yes indeed, at the tender age of 19, BiBi Jones also known as Britney Beth is the youngest porn star to be signed by Digital Playground.  In fact, she was known as Britney Beth before.  But now, Digital Playground trademarked her as BiBi Jones.  So, the name of BIBI JONES is a trademark registration property of Digital Playground, Inc.