Sarah De Herdt

Sarah De Herdt
Sarah De Herdt
Belgian sprinter, fitness competitor, and PORNSTAR.

Sarah De Herdt – Belgian track & field athlete, sprinter, ripped bodybuilder (with the title of Ms. Bodybuilding Belgium), all around fitness competitor, university student, nude model, and porn dabbler

Born April 25, 1985, Brussels, Belgium, Sarah De Herdt has gained attention previously as a sprinter with an incredible bodybuilding frame.  She won Belgium Nabba fitness in 2002 and 2003.  She also did well in the 2004 championship open IFBB. In Belgian Championships in Athletics, 2006, she was a finalist in bodyfiness (“body finesse”) and took 6th in the final 200 meters.

Sarah enjoys showing off her beautiful body and has done several nude photo shoots and at least one explicit adult movie referred to on the ‘net as Belgian Athlete Pool Sex.

The so-called Sarah De Herdt anal porn video circulating on the net is in fact a porn scene with french porn star Nina Roberts.

Sarah said it would be difficult to choose between athletics and bodybuilding.  But she stated that she would opt for athletics, anyway.”

Her Twitter description:
Jeune étudiante belle, sexy, sportive et exhibitionniste.
Which can be translate from French as: Young student beautiful, sexy, sporty and exhibitionnist.

Sarah De Herdt belgium sprinter porn

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