Sakura Sakurada 桜田さくら


Sakura Sakurada AV Idol
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Sakura Sakurada  桜田さくら

Known Alias: Luna Akasaka
Born: January 14, 1982
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Height: 1.58 m (5 ft 2 in)
Measurements: 89-58-86cm / 35-53-34 inches
Bra/cup size: E metric
Boobs: Natural
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Blood group: B

SAKURA SAKURADA 桜田さくら and SAKURA MATSUI 松井さくら are one and the same girl and infamous in animal porn circles.

Sakurada Sakura does everything! Normal, lesbian, gangbang, creampie, bukkake, gokkun, bdsm, piss, scat, bestiality, and incest watching her mom get gangbanged and bukkake facialed right in front of her.  Hell Yeah!  Know anyone nastier?

Adult Video News has described Sakura Sakurada as having “a fantastic body – lithe, but totally buxom.” Making her AV debut in 2003, Sakurada became known for starring in so-called “uncensored movies” i.e. the genitalia are not pixilated to disguise them. This technique, known as “fogging,” or “mosaic” is used in most Japanese porn movies.

Besides performing in numerous films in the more common genres, such as bukkake, gokkun, naka-dashi (creampie), sex in public, and erotic cosplay, Sakurada has also performed in several unusual projects. Among these, she has appeared in two films with her mother, Satsuki (who also performs in these films), one involving bestiality, and others featuring scat, and Urolagnia (watersports).   She has taken part in a number of fetish productions (primarily for Giga in 2003 and 2004). featuring scat and omorashi (watersports). In one video for Natural High (Hot Horny Shemales Fucking Crazy) her costars were two transsexual woman actresses. She has also made a video (Mother-Daughter Rice Bowl) with an actress, Satsuki Sakurada, who is identified as her mother and who also performs. In a second video (see Incest Chapter released 2004-11-01 in the Filmography) they appear only in separate scenes. In addition, she has appeared in one film (The Dog Game) involving **** and a scene of bestiality.

After a brief retirement in mid-2005, she returned to the adult video scene but from that point appeared almost exclusively in “censored” movies – she has not done an original “uncensored” video since late 2005. Many of her movies since then have been lesbian oriented and several have had Sadomasochism and Bondage (BDSM) themes, including the Les Noir series and others for Attackers. In these videos, she often appears as the older woman dominating younger girls or men. For most of her career, Sakurada has been a freelance performer not connected with any one studio, but since early 2006, she has been closely associated with the video producer Cross. In March 2008 she made her debut with them as a director in the DVD The Maniac Lesbians’ Filming Party.

Sakurada’s other recent activity has been for the new label Zeus, a division of Giga, the studio for which she did a number of fetish videos early in her career. Zeus specializes in fetish material including Heroine torture, scat, enemas, and omorashi. She has starred in two of their videos, Sadi-Scream Vol. 4 and Heroine Cruel Story Vol. 7 which indulge in torture, gore and copious amounts of fake blood, with little or no sex content. Additionally, she has also played minor non-sex, non-scat roles in several other Zeus videos in 2008, especially in their “Heroine Excretion Hell” series. Otherwise, her appearances as an actress in 2008 and 2009 have been very limited and mostly in lesbian roles.

Sakura Sakurada is also notably prolific for a a Japanese AV actress. The average career of an AV actress in Japan spans about one year, during which the actress will appear in five to ten videos total. Sakurada’s career has spanned over four years during which she has appeared in at least 94 DVDs and six photo books.

real Mother.And.Daughter.[Satsuki.and.Sakura.Sakurada-part 2 – 51 min