Body Count: too many zeros to fit on this page.

Who’s on top?  It’s me, after all it’s my fuckin’ top 10.  So I’m gonna put myself on top!  Since I am “Le Roi des Franchiseurs” and a “Pèlerin 4 Life” and that “La Liste” is fully garnished with tons of fun.  PYGOD is the father and a proponent of “Le Syndrôme de la Vieille Vache” and of the “PFK”.

Tall girls, petites, skinny, chubby, small tits, big tits, long hair, short hair, big asses, tight asses, blondes, brunettes, redheads, pale or tan…  Black, White, Asian, Latina or Native…  Escorts, strippers, hookers, straight girls, housewifes…  Two girls at the same time, two girls in the same street, three girls in the same night, 3-hour non-stop fuck sessions (marathon)…  All girls and women have a little something to turn-on PYGOD.  As long as you have two boobs and a pussy you are good enough for PYGOD.  And, it must be easy!!  PYGOD enjoys variety and quantity over quality.  PYGOD is a collector. For PYGOD, screwing is a sport. 

At his peak, PYGOD was a well-trained well-timed unfatigable sex machine.  PYGOD’s greatest pleasure is to gave pleasure to the ladies.  His endless love and tremendous passion for pussy eating and rimming turned him into THE M.C. (Maestro du Cunilingus).


2- Genghis Khan.

Body Count: 0.5% of humanity bore his DNA

Genghis-Khan womanizerGenghis Khan (1162-1227) fucked more than any other human being on Earth.  Genghis Khan didn’t had to waste his time with diner, gifts, dating, sweet talking, seduction, dance, romance, serenade and all that bullshit…  He didn’t had to pay for sex…  Genghis Khan didn’t even had to ask.  Whoever and whatever he wanted to fuck, he fucked it.  GENGHIS KHAN WAS THE RULER OF THE WORLD.

Genghis Khan is the greatest conqueror of human history.  And unlike any other great conqueror, he started with NOTHING.  Genghis Khan didn’t inherited the power, he took it by force. Genghis Khan slaughtered an estimated 40 million people on his way to conquer about 22 percent of the world’s total land area. 

When he wasn’t busy expanding his empire he was screwing chicks.  Genghis still found time to marry six women and utilize a massive harem, and is crediting with fathering at least HUNDREDS of children, if not thousands. Genghis Khan fucked so much different girls that 1 in 200 men on earth is the direct descendant of Genghis Khan.  8% of the men in Asia are his direct descendant And you can bet your last dollar than any Alpha Male on this list is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. Explanation to this fact.  Genghis Khan was the most powerful warlord during his reign; as a result, the harem that he kept was of enormous size (2,000-3,000 inmates). The four sons of Khan who ruled their own separate kingdoms kept large harems as well.  So his four sons screwed just as much as their father.  Since contraception wasn’t in vogue in year 1200, Genghis Khan literally spread his cum all over the world.  Genghis Khan cum-shotted the entire world!!!  Genghis Khan is by far the biggest Alpha Male who ever exist.

Genghis Khan view of human relationship: The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

Genghis Khan view of power: “he who nuts (ejaculate) the most and has the biggest pile of enemy skulls wins.”


3- Tommy Lee.

Body Count: Married Pamela Anderson & Heather Locklear.  Screwed Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, Carmen Electra, Naomi Campbell…  Enough said.

Despite being a notorious woman beater, unfaithful womanizer, drunk, druggies…  This fuckin’ bastard screwed and still continue to screw the hottest girls on earth!!!  His List is impressive.  Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear, Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, Carmen Electra, Naomi Campbell, P!nk, Tara Reid, Cher, Bobbie Brown, 1999 Miss USA Kimberly Pressler, Blu Cantrell, Playboy model Shauna Sand, Victoria Silvstedt, Kylie Ireland, Kylie Bax, Brandi Brandt,  Jessica Hahn, Rachel Hunter, Kacey Jordan, Tawny Kitaen, Kimberly Stewart, Vendela, Sofia Toufa, Stefani Morgan… and numerous strippers and endless hordes of groupies.

Married Pamela Anderson just 96 hours/four days after they met.

Proof that having a long schlong, being a rockstar and a bad boy will get you tons of juicy pussies!  Being the long-dicked drummer of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe can get you this far.  Despite having seen it all done it all, Tommy Lee (Born 1962), unlike the other band members, is still very found of groupies.  He have a “Topless Rules” for all the groupies who get inside his dressing room.


4- Charlie Sheen.

Body Count: 5,000 women charlie_sheen_family_foundationIf Tommy Lee’s List is interesting.  All I can say is that “Mr. Sex, Drugs & Alcohol” Charlie Sheen list is pretty good too.   Robin Wright, Winona Ryder, Kelly Preston, Cathy St. George, Tracy Richman,  Stephanie Seymour, Donna Peele, Brittany Ashland, Summer Altice, Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller, Natalie Kenly, Cathy Barry, Tamara Beckwith, Ashley Dupré, Heidi Fleiss, Stacy Fuson, Natasha Terry… Porn stars: Ginger Lynn, Heather Hunter, Chloe Jones, Dominique Simone, Terri Starr, Tabitha Stevens, Capri Anderson, Kacey Jordan, Bree Olson, Melanie Rios, Brett Rossi…

 “I love sex and I can afford it.”

— Charlie Sheen claiming his love for prostitutes

Despite his impressive fuck list of mainstream celebrities, porn stars, top models, Playboy playmates, high class escorts…  Just like the number one spot on this list, Charlie Sheen have a penchant for prostitutes.  is also found of “Mexican whore with cesarean scars”…

Charlie Sheen’s Highlights

+ Losing his virginity at the age of 15 when he stole his dad’s credit card to pay for a hooker named Candy and had the “greatest night” of his life in a Las Vegas hotel room.  Woooooo!!!!

+ Hired for $53,000 worth of hooker in 1995.  27 of Heidi Fleiss’ $2,500-a-night prostitutes.

+ Major League Baseball party with the Reds.  During our championship season in 1990, Charlie Sheen threw us a couple of parties at his Malibu house. He spent over $50,000 – all of it on strippers, hookers and porn stars. For one party, he sent limos to pick us up from Dodger Stadium. I actually blew the save that night. I like having fun, but this was a freak show. I saw one of my fat, ugly teammates having sex with this beautiful porn star in a Jacuzzi.Rob Dibble. Charlie Sheen is a guy who know how to treat his guess!  Certainly more entertaining than a dinner at the parents-in-law house.

+ World Sex Tour.  On one of his several World Sex Tours, he challenged himself into screwing 10 hookers on the red-light-district in Amsterdam.  He shooted blank after a while!

+ From fucking Playmates to “fucking a five-months-pregnant Mexican whore with cesarean scars in a bar in Nogales”.  Charlie Sheen got love for everybody!

+ Charlie Sheen blown $1 Million on teen-looking porn stars to satisfy his fantasy in 2010.  Respect!  Why wanking to your favorite porn stars when you afford to fuck them?

+ Ironically, his most expensive bitch was his wife Denise Richards who screwed him out of $4 Million when they divorced.  Outch!

“I don’t pay escorts for sex. I pay them to leave.”

With a net worth of $125 Million, Charlie Sheen can get as many $30,000 per night porn stars as he wants.  Long live to Charlie Sheen!  Cheers!


5- Mick Jagger.

Body Count: 7,000 women

Mick Jagger age toll
You don’t need to be beautiful to screw tons of chicks

You can be old and ugly and screw tons of chicks… as long as you got money.  Mick Jagger is the living proof of this truth of life. Born in 1943, The Rolling Stones singer, four times grandfather and granddaddy of rock n’roll Sir Mick Jagger always enjoyed banging younger chicks.  Who wouldn’t? 


Was married twice: Bianca de Macias (1971) and his longtime girlfriend Jerry Hall (1990).

Dating list:  Linda Ronstadt, Marianne Faithfull, Carly Simon, Canadian prime minister’s wife Margaret Trudeau, Mackenzie Phillips, Chrissie Shrimpton, Anita Pallenberg, Marsha Hunt, Pamela Des Barres, Uschi Obermaier, Bebe Buell,  Jane Seymour, Brigitte Bardot, Tina Turner, Janice Dickinson (12 years age difference), Daryl Hannah (17 years age difference), First Lady of France Carla Bruni (24 years age difference), Sophie Dahl (34 years age difference), Angelina Jolie (32 years age difference), Uma Thurman (27 years age difference), a 20 years old groupie named Madonna (15 years age difference), Farrah Fawcett, Carly Simon, and fashion designer L’Wren Scott (24 years age difference) and many many more celebrities plus endless hordes of groupies…  For more celeb chicks he banged just watch the above gallery.


6- JFK.

Body Count: anything with three holes JFK John F Kennedy women sexual obsessionThis sanctified American icon was also known for his unbridled, obsessive-compulsive sex life.  John F. Kennedy had everything to get all the chicks.  Being the President of the United States, he was the most powerful man of the world.  Plus he was rich, charismatic, handsome and charmer.  He was the total package chick magnet!  But despite being an handsome womanizer, JFK regularly consummed prostitutes during his entire life.  Also caught a lot of infections that he often transmitted to his sexual partners.  Oups!

JFK in a boat full of naked women.
JFK in a boat full of naked women.

Lame lover

He was reputed to be a lame lover. Due to his college football back pains, his favorite sex position was to laying on his back while the girl rided his dick.  One of his numerous conquests stated that he wasn’t that good in bed but compensated with his charm and humor. Kennedy loved to screw several women at the same time.  He considered that to truly possess a woman.  He needed to fuck her three love holes: pussy, mouth and ass.

JFK timelines

+ At 17 of age, he caught his first STD in an Harlem brothel.

+ In 1960, two hours before his famous televised debate against Richard Nixon,  Kennedy screwed a prostitute.  Since the debate was a success.  Kennedy commanded the services of prostitutes before all his televised debates.

“I get a migraine headache if I don’t get a strange piece of ass every day.”  – President Kennedy

Kennedy needed daily bangs to relax.  With different women if possible.  Once confided that if he went too long without a woman he’d suffer a clamorous headache.

“Once I get a woman, I’m not interested in carrying on, for the most part.”   — Jack Kennedy

During his Presidential tours all around the country.  Local politicians and Democrat Party officials had to find him call-girls or willing groupies.

“No woman were out of reach for Jack, not your wife, not your sister, not even your mother.” – his friend Senator George Smathers

Kennedy was an unstoppable sex maniac.  But what about his List? If you thought that Tommy Lee and Charlie Sheen’s world class pussies Lists are impressive. Look at this one.

Hollywood stars: Timeless beauty and sex-symbol Marilyn Monroe was his mistress, Jayne Mansfield, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Angie Dickinson, Kim Novak, Janet Leigh, Rhonda Fleming and Gene Tierney…  Sophia Loren was one of a few who refused Kennedy’s sexual advances. Famous burlesque stripteasers: Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm. Other affairs: Danish journalist Inga Arvad, Swedish aristocrat Gunilla von Post, Judith Campbell (mistress of Mafia leaders Sam Giancana and John Roselli), Mary Pinchot Meyer (former wife of CIAgency official Cord Meyer), 19 years old White House intern Mimi Alford, and Jackie’s press secretary Pamela Turnure.

His wife Jackie Onassis was more or less an overpaid gold-digger.  It is rumored that the patriach of the Kennedy Family, Joseph Kennedy, allegedly payed her $1,000,000 to marry his son.  Every President needs a charming housewifes.

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”

– Henry Kissinger

Pimped the White House into a Brothel.

His wife, Jackie, and their children weren’t there very often. So our good ol’ Jack regularly had sex with two of his secretaries, Priscilla Weir (age 21) and Jill Cowan (age 23) at noon in the swimming pool. Fiddle and Fabble, as nicknamed by the Secret Service, are nothing more than fuck dolls. The generous Jack shared his two fuck dolls with his brothers Bob and Ted, invited for his noon orgies.

The insatiable JFK also brought prostitutes to the White House swimming pool. However, his noon fuck fests weren’t enough to satisfy his insatiable lust for sex.  At night, he screwed hookers in the Lincoln Bedroom, the official JFK fuck room.  The Secret Service was constantly preoccupied with all this coming and going of unknown unidentified women into the White House.  Kennedy was risking his own life and the national security during the cold war period.

Living on the edge

As mentioned above, Kennedy was a risk-taker who enjoyed to live dangerously.  He regularly screwed Judith Campbell Exner, the mistress of mafia boss Sam Giancana.

JFK liked to be photographied while partouzing.  He accumulated an important quantities of compromising porn pictures that he kept in his office safe. Just like Bill Clinton did after him.

President Kennedy regularly screwed a 19 years old White House intern Mimi Halford.  Mimi had the privilege to lost her virginity to the President at age 19 in 1962.  Mr. President fucked Mimi in limousine and Air Force One.

Even the press secretary of his wife Jackie, Pamela Turnure, was one of his mistresses. Some said that he screwed his sister-in-law, princess Lee Radziwill, while his wife was in labor.

Not too subtle, during dinners, he often leaved with a woman at the table, for a quickie.


7- Wilt Chamberlain. 

Body Count: 20,000

NBA legends Wilt Chamberlain (1936-1999) was a lifelong bachelor.  Instead of being a shameless adulterer, Chamberlain wisely choose to never married nor have children.  His room was especially designed for sex.  Mirror walls, mirror ceiling, mirror everywhere. 

“Some people collect stamps; Wilt collected women.” — Seymour Goldberg

In his 1991 autobiography, A View from Above, Wilt Chamberlain claimed that he had bedded more than 20,000 women during his lifetime, which, if true, would mean he had sex with an average of 1.14 women every day from the time he was 15 until he died.   Factoring in things like sleep,  work and his inability to score quite as often in his younger and later years,  has him doing the deed with a different woman every three and a half hours.  For  21 straight years.  

To further his claim, Chamberlain stated he never bedded a married woman.  loll  Well?  Can you believe it?  Drew your own conclusions.

Wilt Chamberlain was nevertheless a bona fide tomcat and interminable pick-up artist.  Those who knew him said he easily arranged for threesomes and was known to have  more than 23 women over the course of one 10 day road trip.

“I was just doing what was natural—chasing good-looking ladies, whoever they were and wherever they were available”

Like many other womanizers / serial lovers (PYGOD, Hugh Hefner, Dennis Rodman), his extreme sex drive is thought by some to be down to overcompensating for female rejection during his teenage years.  Frustrated teenage boys also needs to take their revenge.

7-foot 1-inch weighing 275 pounds, Wilt Chamberlain possessed a proportional 11 inch member that would sometimes pop out of his shorts during games…  He was rich & famous…   Chamberlain left an estate valued at US$25 million in 2000 after his dead.    So banging chicks wasn’t an issue for him.


8- Hugh Hefner.

Body Count: 2,000-5,000 bunnies



Hugh Hefner porn managerHugh Hefner , just like PYGOD, turned his sex obsession into a lucrative business and a way of life.

Born 1926, Hugh Hefner built a porn empire from nothing. He mortgaged his furniture, generating a bank loan of $600, raised $8,000 from 45 investors, including $1,000 from his mother and launched Playboy in 1953. The rest is history.

Some people may thing that it was all easy for Hef but it wasn’t. Yes he had tons of Playboy bunnies. Yes he mostly worked at home. But he was a relentless workaholics working day and night with very little time to sleep. Nobody can succeed that way without putting endless hours of work.

Hugh Hefner lost his virginity at the late age of 22.

Hugh Hefner is the Ultimate Porn King. He is everything a man wants to be… A billionaire living in a mansion with his Harem.

Any 80 years old man who bang 20 years old girls have my respect.

Even today and well into his 80s, he still has orgies twice a week with his various playmates, keeping a bowl of Viagra next to his well-used bed. He openly endorsed Viagra stating that any man his age would need viagra to satisfy 7 women. Yes, the 80 years old Hugh Hefner have 7 girlfriends. All blonde, big boobed Playmates in their 20s. His bi-weekly sex orgy take place in a room, a “baisodrome”, specially designated for the purpose. In a room with discotheque lights and techno music, good ol’ Hef is laying on his back for the entire intercourse (just like JFK) and each Playmates ride him bareback (no-condon). His Number 1 Girlfriend prepare him and finish him.

“Hefner likes to have anywhere between three and 15 girlfriends at any one time.  One of the group will be chosen to be Girlfriend No 1. She will share Hefner’s  bedroom at all times, while the others are merely visitors.”

For riding the old man twice a week, each Playboy mansion resident Playmates are paid $2,000 a week by Playboy Enterprises plus all the luxury that came with living in the Playboy mansion (valets service, quality food, shopping sprees…) Very well paid for two rides a week! Hef is very smart man. His bitches are paid by Playboy Enterprises Inc., so they are tax deductibles. What a brillant guy! Hef is the proof that having good taste doesn’t erode with age. Why restraining yourself to old skanks when you can get 18 years old beauties?


9- Kinsey guy.

Body Count: Over 3,000 humans and animals…

No joke! Kinsey 10 secondsNamed Kenneth Braun in the Kinsey movie and referred as Mr. X or Rex King in Kinsey literature.  I will simply call him the Kinsey Guy. 

The Kinsey guy was the Franchiseur beyond Franchiseurs!  Kinsey guy was a relentless sex maniac!!  The Kinsey guy literally fucked EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that moved!!! 

Kinsey guy was the perfect case of study for a sex scientist like Kinsey.  The Kinsey guy meticulously collected datas of all his sexual prowesses over the year. Keeping a repertoire of all his sexual partners, mentioning details like vaginal depth, penis length, distance of ejaculation…

Had sex with his mother, father, grandmother, children, animals… and enjoyed it. Smiley

Kinsey Guy lost his virginity at 2 years old at the hands of his grandmother, the most intense orgasm he ever had.  His first homosexual experience was with his father.  He had sex with his mother.  Had over 3,000 sex partners during his life.  Including 600 preadolescent boys (his favorites, he loved to see them have orgasm), 200 preadolescent girls, intercourse with countless adults of both sexes, with ANIMAL OF MANY SPECIES…  He had set down a family tree going back to his grandparents, and of 33 family members he had sex with 17.   And when he was not bussy fuckin’ anything that move, he was inventing  elaborate techniques of masturbation.   What a fuckin’ perverse!  What a sick fuck family!!

Unbelievable but true!! As seen with the Kinsey Guy case, no need to be rich and famous to have sex with thousands of people.  It sure help but a regular (not-so-regular) guy fueled by an intense and undiscriminating lust for sex can get his way to this Pantheon. Surprisingly, our favorite sex deviant was a normal kind of guy, an average joe.  Kinsey Guy was described as a 63 years old, quiet, soft-spoken, college graduate who held a responsible government job?!!?  Kinsey’s team needed 17 hours to collect his decadent tales of depravacy and perversion. 

THIS GUY CAN JERKS-OFF IN 10 SECONDS!!! Can go from flaccid to ejaculation while mastubating in only 10 seconds. Smiley

When Kinsey guy said he was able to masturbate to ejaculation in ten seconds from a flaccid start.  Kinsey and his assistant expressed their disbelief.  Whereupon the subject calmly demonstrated his superman feat.  At 63 years old, the guy can get an erection and cum in 10 seconds!!!  No gimmick, no viagra, no cialis needed!  Nothing of this existed at the time!!  At 63 years old, Kinsey guy had more control over his engine than any porn actor will ever had!!!  Just for this, Kinsey guy needed his place in the Saint Patrons Of Serial Fuckers.


10- Jon Dough.

Body Count: A reverse gangbang with 101 girls


Jon Dough, real name Chester Anuszak, (1962-2006) was a 6’4″ porn actor who worked steadily from 1985 to 2006.  As Jon Dough or one of his other performing aliases, he was a veteran of nearly 1,217 adult videos and had directed 71 titles, according to the IAFD.

His greatest claim to fame is that he starred in the best porn flick in the universe, The World’s Luckiest Man(1997).  The World’s Luckiest Man is a reverse gangbang with 101 women!!!  The lucky bastard realized my dream and he even got a paycheck for his effort.

The Ultimate Reverse Gangbang was shot over a three-day period.  Jon Dough gets blowjobs, bareback vaginal penetrations with 101 of our favorite porn stars.  He also had the opportunity to cum on several ultra hot chicks faces!!  What a lucky guy! worlds-luckiest-man-101-porncoversThe film was an instant classic for good reason.  Becoming the first DVD published by the adult-magazine publisher Hustler.

“He was definitely a good woodsman. I’ve never seen him have bad days.”  — porn actor Vince Vouyer

“If I had to summarize Chet in a couple words, I would say ‘rock solid.’ 

— Porn producer/director Dan Silver, aka Dirty Dan After seeing heaven on earth, Jon Dough became blase, indifferent and bored with life.  In 2006, Jon Dough committed suicide by hanging at the age of 43. How could someone who gets to fuck ultra hot chicks on a daily basis for a living want to commit suicide? We will never know…

World’s Luckiest Man


The Next Big Thing Body Count: Three-digit number Already in the three digits at such a young age. The Next Big Thing shows a lot of great potential.  He got the physique, the story, and unlike any other guys on this list, he is undercover.  The Next Big Thing incorporated all the knowledges of The Master to the upmost degree.  The Master have a soft side but The Next Big Thing don’t.  The Next Big Thing is the PFK practionner by excellence.


Casanova With only 120 women on his list there is no fuckin’ faggot Casanova here.  Any of the above Alpha Males can outfuck him a thousand times!


Sources: Partouze à la maison blanche, Normand Lester – Summum magazine Mars 2004