Melissa P / Maria Valverde

Melissa PThe plot is about an horny 15 years old cute teenage, Melissa P, who is foolishly in love of an arrogant dirty little bastard, Daniele, who use her as a cum dumpster. The rest of the story is about the intense masturbation sessions of the horny teenage, getting used as a cum dumpster by Daniele and his friends, and getting fucked by complete stranger. You know it will be a good movie from the beginning as the first thing you’ll see is Maria Valverde (interpreting Melissa P)’s tits while she masturbates naked in the bath. Wow! What a good start! A teen fingering herself in a bath!!

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The adorable and sensuous Maria Valverde, age 18, perfectly played the role of 15 and a half year old teenage slut Melissa P.
Melissa Panarello
Melissa Panarello must have been a dirty little girl

By the way, the 2005 movie Melissa P aka 100 colpi di spazzola prima di andare a dormire (One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed) is the autobiography / diary of the youthful author Melissa Panarello. Oh yeah! What a kinky, horny little girl she was/is.

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Melissa P / Maria Valverde masturbation scene (1:17)

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