Lorna Bliss – Britney Spears impersonator

33 years old Lorna Bliss in her Britney Spears impersonator stripper act.

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‘I’ve been inpersonating Britney Spears, since 2002 when Britney first came about on the scene. Making myself up as Britney has taken up 10 years of my life.Wigs.Dental Treatment.Facials.If she tightens up, I tighten up.If she puts on a bit of weight, I’m like, “hey Pizza hut lets go”,When Britney shaved her hair off, I did it too.I have taken my whole being to being Britney’ – Lorna Bliss BGT 2011

Lorna Bliss – Britain’s Got Talent 2011 audition – International Version

Get rid of those fuckin’ flags!!!  Not as hot as Britney, nonetheless she did look like her.

lorna bliss thong

Lorna Bliss in Britney Spears sexy outfit

Lorna Bliss Britney Spears

Britain’s Got Talent: 32-year-old Lorna has been impersonating US pop-singing sensation Britney Spears for 10 years of her life, even going so far as to get cosmetic work done as and when her idol does. Using her talent of looking like Britney – Lorna’s decided to perform one of her most popular songs – Toxic, including the incredibly sexy outfit worn in the music video! The outfit raises many an eyebrow in the theatre as it’s rather revealing! Will Lorna’s uncanny resemblance to Britney be enough to send her through to the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals, or will her half naked table dance be just too much for the judges to stomach?

Lorna Bliss’s audition – Britney Spears’ Till The World Ends – The X Factor UK 2012

Chasing the faggot.  Look at the faggot who run and hide from the chick. No talent and not that beautiful but nonetheless a fuckable chick.  Nicole Scherzinger is so fuckin’ hot.  Her facial expressions are priceless!

Nicole Scherzinger

Lorna Bliss lapdance X Factor UK

Lorna Bliss on Tulisa Contostavlos
Lorna Bliss on Tulisa Contostavlos

The Uks No 1 Britney Spears Impersonator: Lorna Bliss


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