Cameron robot sex slave

Terminator girl Cameron (Summer Glau)
Terminator girl Cameron (Summer Glau)
She's got the look that kill

From 2008-2009, the beautiful 26 years old, 5’6″ Summer Glau played the role of “protector Terminator” Cameron Phillips, the sexiest robot on TV, in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I found Cameron’s emotionless poker face incredibly sexy.

Cameron is an ultra sexy Terminator girl/robot created to protect the 15 years old John Connor.  With her “beautiful, petite teenage girl” look, Cameron is simply billed as John Connor’s 17 years old sister. 

I can tell you that having the chance to have a sexy ass kicking Terminator girl like Cameron at my service.  I wouldn’t billed her as my sister for sure.  Cameron would be my double duty bodyguard and sex slave. 

I would kill to have a Terminator girl (robot sex slave) like her.

Terminator girl Cameron / Summer Glau
I must leave you I've finally received my Terminator girl.

Summer Glau nude celeb

Summer Glau nude celeb

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