David Hener, the Ultimate Decadent Rockstar

rockstar with pornstar

Being a huge Hair Metal fan, I wanted to make a photo post about rockstars sex life. I’ve searched the web for groupies / orgy pics of my childhood heroes Guns N’Roses, Motley Crue… But to my surprise, almost nothing.

A while ago, I was facebooking and I found the profile of an obscur rockstar from Montreal, Quebec. Stunning! So much chicks!!! The guy is named David Hener, he has the classic rockstar look and seems to have an endless collection of photos of him with his chicks. In my view, David Hener personifies the Perfect Rockstar Archetype.

Just to give you an example,

  • David Hener had sex with 7 girls at his 24th birthday.
  • His ex-girlfriend is porn star Pixie Dust / Cassandra Plouffe
  • After any of his Best & Finest event he picks the 6 most attractive and sleezy whores to have sex with. The perfect party ending!

For more information about David Hener and his band. Feel free to consult his Facebook, and Instagram.

rockstar surrounded with hoes

David Hener sluts


David Hener and his whores David Hener rockstar at the beach David Hener big pimping Heidi VanHelsing


David Hener pimp whores

Only one question remains:

How many pussies did he had sex with? (Blowjob included)

barefoot booties