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Amy Lee has always been a free-minded woman who do whatever she wants when she wants. Amy Lee loves sex and loves music. So she joined her 2 passions and melted both into one. She edited her own porn videos with her music naming it ‘Amy Lee Evanescence Metal chick Porn videos’. For the pleasure of us all. Her greatest fans.

Amy Lee Evanescence Metal chick Porn videos


Priya Rai Tribute – Sad But True

Priya Rai Tribute – Sad But True – 5 min

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Metallica – Turn the Page ….. with Ginger Lynn (UNCENSORED VERSION )

Ginger Lynn Allen - Turn The PageJonas Åkerlund directed Metallica’s music video “Turn The Page” The story of that video clip has been extended as a short film. In this short film, Ginger Lynn Allen- the blonde woman whom you can see on the video clip- plays the night club stripper/prostitute who is trying to raise her 12 year old daughter. We see daily scenes from her daily life.

Metallica – Turn the Page ….. with Ginger Lynn (1998)

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The 35 years MILF stripper / hooker / porn star Ginger Lynn still got it!

What she said in the video:

I’ve always been an exhibitionist, and I could say that I always wanted to be in the entertainment business, and now I’m

-i do it for the money and i can change my life and i can be what society wants me to be and i can raise my daughter just that good enough like anybody can

-if i can start my life all over again, i would make the same choices that i’ve made

Ginger Lynn ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen Porn star Ginger Lynn was the girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. It was a serious relationship with mutual love and torrid sex.




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Rammstein Pussy

RAMMSTEIN – PUSSY    The original, uncensored, uncut, and explicit version of the very controversial music video “Pussy” from German, rumored to be Nazi, Shock Metal band Rammstein. No bullshit here on PYGOD BLOG PORN, just the real deal!

Rammstein Pussy Explicit Uncut 2009

This video was originally published on porn sites only.  This clip got the group banned in several countries.