Janine Lindemulder: PYGOD’s wives Number 24?

Janine-Lindemulder-Feet-270809Janine-Lindemulder-Feet-270799Is Janine Lindemulder woman enough to be on my list of PYGOD’s wives?  I would say maybe and probably.

As Priya Rai, Tania Russof, and Krystal Steal, Janine Lindemulder is on my PYGOD’s wives nomination list since long ago.

Let’s analyse the nominees:

Priya RaiPROS: Priya Rai is a stunningly beautiful exotic beauty.  She squirts, she screams, she loves facial and cum-in-mouth cumshots, plus she is very flexible.
CONS: Priya Rai doesn’t do anal and rimjob to men.

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Tania Russof ready to take a facial cumshotPROS: Second to Nicole Sheridan, Tania Russof is the best handjob/facial/clean-up combo expert in porn. Her feature is perfect, blue eyes, black hair… Her visage is unforgettable. She also does anal and DP (double penetration).  Plus I fuckin’ dig her Pyramide sex scene when she played Cleopatra fucked in a pool.
CONS: She seems robotic. No enough fire, sluttiness and fury in her sex acts.

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Krystal Steal Barefoot Blonde BabePROS: Her feet. Krystal Steal has probably the sexiest and most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen. Even better than the Love Twins sisters’s feet. From hair to toes, she is a flawless beauty.
CONS: No enough sluttiness. No enough enthusiasm. No anal. Doesn’t seems to enjoy facial cumshots.

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Janine Lindemulder PROS: Janine is a perfect beauty. Hot from hair to toes. After years of pussy eating, Janine started doing men. She did interracial, BBG threesome, facial cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, rimjob to man, BDSM… She even does a tranny! Plus she got a handgag fetish. She often get handgagged while fucked and also handgag her female co-stars. She is always intense, wild, crazy and loves being dominated in rough & hard sex scenes.
CONS: A part for very hot anal strapon, dildo DP and a forceful anal attempt. She got no real anal scene with a man. It’s not because her ass is virgin. Since she easily take dick-size dildos in her sweet ass. And when masturbating, she get off with a dildo or fingers in her ass while playing her pussy.

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As you can see with my analyse of my PYGOD’s wives nominees.  The four girls are absolutely drop dead gorgeous.  Tania Russof and Krystal Steal are there for only one big thing.  Tania Russof is there for her handjob/facial cumshot combos expertise.  And Krystal Steal is there for her perfect feet and her flawless beauty.  However, both lack of passion.

Meanwhile Priya Rai and Janine Lindemulder are both well-rounded.  Both are enthusiast, vocal, and crazy about sex.  And both are fuckin’ sexy and pretty.  And yes indeed, they are pretty well-ROUNDED!!!!