Pixie Acia of LA Ink

Pixie Acia of L.A. Ink

                                 For an unforgettable blowjob
                                      Pixie Acia split tongue

Amber “Pixie” Acia is or was the shop manager in tattoo artist Kat Von D ‘s reality show L.A. Ink.  I first saw Pixie in Miami Ink where she did get tattooed by her long time friend Kat Von D.  Then, with her stunning beauty and unique style, Pixie immediately captured my attention.

It’s only years later that I finally saw her again as one of the main character in the reality show L.A. Ink.  Pixie is a cool chick with a split tongue and sweeties tattooed all over her perfectly hot bikini body.  Pixie Acia is so adorable!

Pixie Acia feet


Pixie Acia and Kat Von D on LA Ink
Animal-loving Pixie Acia
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