All Brazzers Pornstar Punishment videos

All the old Brazzers Pornstar Punishment videos I could find, with descriptions Pornstars Punishment rape porn 1 Pornstars Punishment rape porn 3 Shyla Stylez

Pornstars Punishment rape porn 4 Gina Lynn Pornstars Punishment rape porn 5 Lisa Ann Bree Olson Pornstars Punishment rape porn 6 Pornstars Punishment rape porn

Most of them are fairly light in the actual physical struggle department, but they’re classics of the rape porn genre, so I figured I should do something constructive while procrastinating. Excluded most of the ones that were literally just normal consensual rough sex. Full names + descriptions included to ease searching for ’em if any of the links get deleted.

Amy Brooke – Paying the Landlady – a hot landlady coerces a tenant into fucking her, breaks up his relationship, and gets raped as revenge. (Was unable to find the opening 5 minutes of video but the rest is linked)

Amy Brooke – You Should Have Locked It Down – a mischievous bitch ruins a relationship in order to incite punishment from the man. It’s not quite a struggle, but it’s close enough.

Diamond Kitty Serviced Secretly – A foreign female secret agent’s mission goes a little awry, and she becomes yet another sad case of somebody who got fucked by the US government. 🙁 (Warning: 7-second advert plays first, then you have to play again)

Leilani Lee Anne – Snap Out Of It – a black female shrink baits a man into ravishing her for, uh, medicinal purposes. Unorthodox practice but it seems to work.

Phoenix Marie – Brazzi-Leaks.cum – a rogue journalist ruins the career of a politician, who then hires the worst-dressed man in all of human history to shut her up with his cock.

Breanna Sparks – Cheating In Poker – a lady with tits the size of Siberia gets punished for cheating at cards. Warning: slow-loading video.

Veronica Avluv – Deen Eyed – an arrogant gold digger gets taught a lesson in humility and morality by her late husband’s son. This one is particularly satisfying.

Nicki Sexx – Revenge – a female wrestler accidentally misses her match and gets double-teamed on the ring by two men instead. Sidenote: this woman has the least imaginative pornstar name I’ve ever seen in my life.

Rebecca Moore – Justice is Served – the hammer of justice is unisex. Female supervillain gets fucked by male superhero for her misdeeds. All very British.

London Keyes – Pesky Piggy Punishment – for all those who wanted to see a female cop getting raped. Vindictive policewoman harasses a dude for some reason until he gives her what she deserves.

Felony Psycho – Hoe Bitch – imaginatively-named video in which a psychotic stalker finally gets what she wants, in a manner of speaking.

Riley Evans and Leya Falcon – The Man, The Maiden and the Maid – poor, meek maid and what appears to be the porn parody of Kim Gordon both get punished for disobedience by the latter’s rich husband. Not struggle but clearly coerced.

Tory Lane – Banned in Boston – in which a poor girl who only ever wanted to have fun gets fucked by the moral majority.

Angelina Valentine, Amy Brooke – Double Teaming A Cheap Whore – Amy Brooke is a glutton for punishment it seems. A man and his wife put her in her place for being an arrogant skint. Poor girl doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

Katja Kassin – Thou Shalt Not Steal – who says porn is amoral? See, this one teaches a perfectly good, Biblical lesson! Don’t steal from a man with a temper – especially not when you’ve got a big fat ass in tight leggings. (Full video no longer available)

Kagney Linn Karter – A Cock To Remember – needy girl wants a dude’s cock. First she tries asking for it. Then she provokes him into giving it to her by force by spreading as many rumours as possible. Notable in that it contains only trace amounts of oral.

Skin Diamond – Diamond in the Rough – black woman tries to get a pay rise the quick & easy way. Provokes the other kind of rise and has to put her money where her mouth was.

Jynx Maze – You Take My Promotion….Now I Take Your Ass – Title is incredibly self-explanatory. Girl fucks her way into a promotion that was rightfully somebody else’s. Guy takes exception to this.

Angelina Valentine – Clean a Dirty Whore – yeah, they didn’t put any effort into the concept for this one. Girl cheats on guy a bunch, so in the midst of breaking up with her he rapes her. Not before spraying her pussy with a showerhead, though.

Trina Michaels – No One Makes A Monkey Out Of Me – I’m pretty sure this is a porn parody of the infamous Charlie Sheen incident. That concept alone should be enough to get you watching. Interview is cut up to make an actor look like a twat and he takes it out on the interviewer and her stonking great tits.

Aleksa Nicole – She was asking for it – Cheating girl gets punished. Again. Gee, where’s the originality?

Diana Prince – Cumming Straight From The Underground – Undercover female cop sleeps with drug dealer in order to get confession. He ends up getting revenge on her the old fashioned way in a police bathroom.

Katie Kox – She’ll Call You Back – inattentive secretary lady irritates and irritates a man until he is left with no choice but to fuck her into submission.

Mackenzee Pierce – Gaining Cuntstody – my favourite video name yet. Divorce proceedings go wrong and the man rapes his soon-to-be ex-wife. Same girl as plays the helpless warden in the infamous Prison Neck Snap video – poor bitch can’t catch a break.

Krissy Lynn – Private Massage Room – Unusual in two ways: 1) there’s some pretty decent jazz-funk playing over the intro rather than half-assed ambient synth stuff and 2) our victim this time really doesn’t do anything wrong. She’s just a perfectly innocent girl with a big, round ass who gets raped by her masseuse – what was she supposed to do? Fair warning, this video takes about 10 minutes to actually start and pretty much immediately turns into completely consensual sex when it does (some “punishment”!), but the booty so phat I couldn’t pass it up.

Britney Amber – What’s In The Box? – the best Britney bites off more than she can chew and tries to work herself into a group of criminals. Admittedly her attempts to be “annoying” work a little bit too well, but that only makes it more satisfying when she gets put in her goddamn place.

Diamond Foxxx – You Destroyed My Family, I Destroy Your Ass – in which a girl who looks worrisomely like a girl I used to know in school… does NOT get fucked, but her girlfriend does! The former girl’s ex-husband fucks the gay right out of her for raising his son in a way he does not approve of. The most homophobic thing to have ever gotten an erection out of me.

Jewels Jade – Hardcore Coach – with its use of flashbacks indicating attention paid to cinematic artistry, this video of a coach fucking a sportswoman into form and thus turning her into a top athlete is the best sort of implausible.

Madison Ivy – I Just Want To Get Fucked – a meta scene! A pornstar complains about being forced to make the wrong kind of porn and is eventually forced into exactly the right kind. Brazzers seems like it must be a cool place to work.

Raylene The Punisher – Whore Zone – an absolutely classic case of a man turning the tables on a dominatrix and putting her firmly in her rightful place: submissive to a man. There’s a huge gap in the market on this sub for this kind of stuff, if the requests I see are any indication, so y’all should enjoy this.

Mahina Zaltana – You Shouldn’t Have Let That Man In – in which a man known as James Dean (confusing the Manic Street Preachers-fan centre of my brain) encounters an old friend after escaping prison. Relations start as consensual, then deteriorate after she betrays him to the cops. Snitches get stitches, after all, and bitches get… uh… fuckit, I’ve no idea where I was going with that train of thought. (Full video no longer available)

Nikki Hunter – Fuck The Boss’ Wife – fairly vanilla – boss’ wife tries to fuck employee, he refuses, she tells boss something different and gets the employee fired, employee fucks her face (and everything else) in a blind rage.

Dylan Ryder – Cock with a Vengeance – a son’s dad has two things: a baffling and impossible accent, and a gold-digging girlfriend who is making that son’s life a living hell. To top it all off, she’s cheating. I ‘spect you can guess what happens next.

Lylith Lavey – Tickets vs Marriage – arrogant, hypocritical moralist bitch gets what she deserves while synthesised basslines play in the background. What more could you want?

Amia Miley – The Teacher Is Picking On Me – an absolute classic, this: an unfair and abusive, yet indescribably hot teacher is a totally intolerable bitch to a student until he has finally had enough of her shit. She pushes it too far, and in response he does the same, if ya get what I mean. 😉

Angelina Valentine – The Fan Bang – okay, this one’s just RIDICULOUS. In a world in which pornstars are treated like rockstars, one of them acts like a total bitch to a random (terrifyingly obsessed) fan and gets fucked as a result. But hey, she has a point – who has a fucking Angelina Valentine T-shirt?

Bree Olsen – The Slutty Life – Amazing parody of the usual vapid reality shows mums watch. A pornstar comes to live with a family, turns out to be a total bitch and eventually angers the man of the house to the point where he can’t restrain himself. Now, answer me honestly: wouldn’t the Kardashian show be much better if it was like this?

Sienna West – Guilty By Association – a sci-fi porn in which a virtual reality holiday goes terribly wrong for a pornstar when her programmer takes a disliking to her. Some of the most creative punishment in the entire series. Totally worth watching.

Briana Banks – My Mother In Law is a Cunt – with possibly the most straightforward title yet (and that’s saying something), a guy becomes frustrated with the perpetual cockblock that is his girlfriend’s mother and fucks her out of the way.

Mariah Madysinn – Tonight You’re My Bitch – an ex-employee who sued her former boss over a bunch of lies finally gets something real to cry about. No sympathy from me. (Full video no longer available)

Juelz Ventura – I’m Sorry, You Have To Move – an effectively homeless woman seems nice at first, so a guy lets her sleep round his. Turns out to be a total nuisance. Ah well – just means he can feel less guilty about taking advantage of her!

Diamond Kitty – Eat, Pray, Fuck – you know all those people who ask for videos of feminists getting raped? Well, here’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Ridiculous anti-feminism has never been hotter than this. (Full video no longer available)

Isis Monroe – Two Minute Man – Girlfriend publicly shames his boyfriend for his sex (un)skills. He decides that there is only one way to get back at her. Three guesses as to what, and the first two don’t count.

Bridgette B – The Shaw-Slut Redemption – this video has been submitted here before, and every time someone comes along and asks for videos of policewomen getting raped it’s always at the top of the recommendations list. It’s the archetypal video in the subgenre and totally worth watching. A controlling, domineering prison warden finally pushes her luck too far with two inmates and they take her for themselves. Bridgette B’s been in a few strugglefucks, and the particular kind of helpless moan she makes as she tries and fails to resist her inevitable submission never get old.

Stephanie Cane – Fuck the HMO – the HMO lady fucks him around, so he fucks her around. Simple, really.

Alanah Rae – Ten Dollar Whore – a female banker fucks a man about and steals his money. He decides to get back at her by stealing her whole body – big tits, thick ass, the bunch – and using it as he wishes. It’s a fuckin’ nightmare for her, but they do say dreams are worth more than money.

Shyla Stylez – I Deserve What’s Mine! – a man’s ex-wife is making his workplace life intolerable with her public displays of affection for his boss. He finally can’t take it anymore, and takes back what’s his. Misogyny-porn of the highest order.

Trina Michaels – Cheating Anal Whore – gee, ANOTHER bitch getting punished for cheating. What’re the odds?

Mackenzee Pierce – Borrowing Your Deep Asshole – that helpless warden necksnap lady returns as a bitchy boss. One of her employees takes exception to his treatment. He threatens her with a fuckin’ stapler! How novel is that??

Charley Chase – Fucking the Cumpetition – small business competition escalates to unprecedented heights as a store owner fucks a rival store employee for stealing his customers. American capitalism at its sexiest. Fuckin’ take that, Bernie Sanders. What would socialist porn even look like, anyway? A consensual orgy, maybe? How BORING.

London Keys – Pretentious Little Priss Whore – shouldn’t it be “Prissy”? Eh, never mind. Terrible date treats her man terribly and gets treated terribly as a result. Like the current panicked disintegration of the Republican party in America, it gives tremendously satisfying schadenfreude to watch.

Jayden James – Big Dick Winner Bitch – another instalment in the fictional world in which porn and pop music are basically the same, this is effectively a wonderfully hilarious porn parody of the infamous Kanye/Taylor Grammys incident with the genders swapped. The main difference, though, is that Taylor – to my knowledge – did not respond by taking Kanye backstage and fucking his brains out against his will. Maybe she should have!

Gina Lynn – Hit Me! Hit Me! Fuck Me! – another cheating poker bitch gets a lesson in sportsmanship. Gets knocked out, tied to a chair and roughly fucked into misery. It’s a bit mean-spirited for me, but some of y’all should love it.

Kelly Divine – The Slutmother – big thanks to /u/Buthomas65 for giving me this link and thereby planting the seed for this whole idea. A female mob boss with a giant bouncing ass wants only to prove that women can be just as horrible as men, but instead she winds up being turned into a meekly submissive sex slave by one of her own lowliest underlings. Is this a win or a loss for feminism?

Krissy Lynn – Cathartic Coitus – some surprisingly lovely post-rock opens this scene, in which a woman ditches on her man’s effortful date with no remorse. Until he fucks some into her, that is.

Savannah Stern – Stern Attitue – a lady melodramatically claims a man nearly hit her car, and uses this as an excuse to make his attempts to renew his license hell. He, in turn, uses this as an excuse to get some orgasmic relief in her pussy.

Charisma Cappelli – Impound My Car, I Pound Your Pussy – another uniform lady getting disempowered, albeit a very lowly, unimportant kind of uniform lady. A punitive meter maid gets exactly what she deserves (although, really, anyone well enough to rape a bitch is well enough to walk a few extra meters – he WAS being a dick parking in that space, ain’t gonna lie).

Madison Scott – How to Nail a Cheater – believe it or not, this one isn’t what it seems. This girl is being punished not for cheating on her boyfriend, but for cheating on a test in a manner that failed the guy who was taking the test as well. As a guy who was a total bookworm in school, I relate to this one particularly strongly.

Halie James – April Fools Fuck – a guy who is really, really delusionally excited about his prospects of winning the lottery gets pranked into thinking he’s actually done it. Naturally, he is less than pleased to discover the ruse. The lady, in turn, is less than pleased to find his cock in her pussy – but there ain’t nothin’ she can do.

Brooke Adams – Faster Service, Faster Pounding – a lazy barista makes sure a dude is late for work, and then tries to steal his money. The final straw is when she tells him to “consider getting laid”. So he does! She can’t complain, can she? It was her idea!

Mya Nichole – Customer Is Always Right – another fucked up employee/customer relationship ends badly for the smaller, weaker, hotter party. Very cathartic for anyone who’s had a bad experience with customer service.

Sea J Raw – Cock Block gets Cock Rocked – another very self-explanatory title. A man’s attempts to get into bed in a club go down the drain when another woman vindictively interrupts him, so he decides to fuck her instead.

Mason Moore – Tight Little Asshole Diaries – a very unprofessional assistant of the sex-addicted kind ruins a male employee’s job. He responds by ruining her bodily integrity. At least she’s already dressed for it.

Isis Love – Mistaken Brutality – in a title that has taken on a rather more unfortunate dimension since approximately 2014, a lady’s failure to pay her ex-boyfriend the money she owes him results in her paying a far worse/better price.

Rachel Starr – Who’s Laughing Now, Bitch?/u/rancidrat gets the credit for this one. A female comedian denigrates and degrades a male one until he can’t take it anymore. He can’t take a joke, but she can’t take a dick, so it’s all even.

Eva Angelina – Double the Punishment – ANOTHER bitch gets fucked for cheating, this time by both of the men involved for a little variety.

Shawna Lee – Forgetful Cunt – remember that abominable Kid Cudi song “Judgemental Cunt”? Yeah, she’s that too. In an unusual display of solidarity between strugglefucking fetishists and the more leftist side of tumblr, a loathsome fat-shamer is treated just as disgustingly as she acts. She also fucks up her boyfriend’s gambling, which doesn’t help her. I gotta say, even by the standards of the women in these videos, this bitch is unusually insufferable. If you can put up with that, watching her get what’s coming to her is especially fun.

Hillary Scott – Eat This and Review It – The Manifesto of Futurism proclaims that one should “regard all art critics as useless and dangerous”. Food critics too, apparently, though they can at least be useful in a certain specific way. Two men team up on this one after she’s overly critical of their work.

Asa Akira – The Hitchhiker – entitled Asian-American hitchhiker bites the hand that feeds her, so he pulls over and feeds her a bit more.

Monique Alexander – Double Dipper – this bitch just really is not feeling this party. She ain’t quiet about it, neither. But the real transgression comes when she dips, then bites – then dips again. Quite frankly I’m surprised they stopped at rape for that – I’d have beheaded the fucking monster.

Jenna Haze – Christmas Punishment – a girl leaves the door unlocked. Christmas is ruined. No amount of fucking will make this right, but hey – at least her man can try.

Rachel Roxxx – Practical Prankster Punishment – aight, I can relate to this: I’m a bit of a prank addict myself. And, to be fair, I HAVE had one of my housemates storm into my room and claim he was going to rape me once because of it. I hit him with a slipper and he relented. This girl ain’t so lucky.

Eva Angelina – Hotline – it’s 6am. I can’t be fucking bothered to think of a good Hotline Bling joke right now. So I’ll just describe the video: phone sex worker is terrible at her job. Turns out, when pressed, to be less terrible at actual sex.

Presley Maddox – Pounding My Naughty Cunt Hole – two roommates don’t get along. She damages his car. They resolve their problems the old fashioned way.

Madison Parker – Judge Nails Delivers Sexual Discipline – in their attempts to represent the whispering of the jury in the courtroom, Brazzers accidentally channelled the whispers of the faeries across the ancient aeon sea that lull sailors into coves full of man-eating giant barnacles. Anyway, the hammer of justice makes another appearance as a judge punishes a woman for a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit. Highly unorthodox indeed.

Tori Black – Contraband Punishment – artistic use of timelapse here. The mindcrushing tedium of prison life is effectively conveyed in the excellent cinematography of the opening scene. Eventually she gets punished for illegal dildo possession.

Bianca Lovely – A Lesson Learned, A Boner Earned – bad customer service equals good dicking, apparently. She serves him a chicken, thinking it’s steak. He blackmails her into sucking his cock with the threat of deportation.

Faye Reagan – Gameday Pussy Massacre – the best Reagan by miles interrupts an American male’s appreciation of some shitty American sports event. Her constant talking and misunderstanding of the basic rules results in some harsh discipline. Bleh. Real men rape women over rugby

Rebeca Linares – The Shitty Hairdresser – the female personification of /r/justfuckmyshitup gets her shit appropriately fucked up for fucking up some guy’s shit with her shit fucking hairdressing. He blackmails her into sucking cock as repayment for her terrible job on his hair.

Aletta Ocean – Prissy Porn Bitch, Punished – another meta video. The plight of the poor porn director is rendered relatable and personable to the audience who usually only cares about the main pornstar, who here is portrayed as an entitled little bitch. This makes me kinda wonder if there was some animosity between the writers/directors and the actors at Brazzers while this series lasted.

Lexi Love – A Hell Of A Bang – a little creepy, this one: a group of guys fight over a hot lady who enters their poker room. One of them wins by threatening the others with a baseball bat, and then claims his rightful prize.

Amber Rayne – Earning a Porn Star’s Pay Day – another prissy, entitled pornstar. She doesn’t do cumshots, which pisses off her fellow pornstars enough that they decide to personally expand her horizons. Sometimes you need to be thrown into the deep end to learn how to swim, after all.

Nika Noire – Anywhere but the Face – abominable framerate on this video makes it difficult to see what’s going on, but I think that’s just my end. Maybe my bleary eyes have lost their processing power. Anyway, actress girl gets fucked by director for attempting to steal set clothes.

Sadie West – Pay Rent or Get Bent – very simple: a female tenant fails to pay her rent, and is forced to perform the usual in order to avoid eviction.

Dylan Riley – Tipping is Not a Place in China – ah, this girl is the worst kind of person: a tip stealer. On the other hand, the guys she is stealing from appear to be enjoying some seriously generic shit mainstream metal on the stereo so maybe they deserve to be broke. I hate everyone involved here. It’s pretty hot, though.

Missy Stone – Late for the Meeting, Be Ready for the Anal – business lady is very late for important meeting. She and her boss get into an argument about it. It escalates.

Madison Ivy – Don’t Test Your Luck! – chiming indie rock guitars introduce this one. Girl lies her way into a free ride. Doesn’t realise where the ride is taking her. Instant karma for lazy impatience.

That’s all, folks! God, that took me a while. Satisfying, though.