Flying Skirts – Ein Sommer voller Leidenschaft

Flying Skirts - Marilyn vintage porn Olinka Flying Skirts - Marilyn vintage porn

Lovely Olinka and her girlfriend Kathy Kay (a tomboy Kristy McNicol type, with nice tan) go for a vacation in the mountains, paid for by Kathy’s married boyfriend Jean Oury, who is also seeing the Alps with his wife Dominique St Clair and daughter Sophie Ziller (if she’s Alsatian, she may be the 12-stringer’s 42nd cousin). St Clair is getting some action on the side, and Sophie runs into drifter Gabriel Pontello (not played very menacingly, despite the obvious opportunity in the casting). Everybody switches, swaps, and has a good time.


Sommer Voller Leidenschaft – 1:24:00

La maison des milles et un plaisirs – House of 1001 Pleasures – Flying Skirts – Ein Sommer voller Leidenschaft – Tuhansien nautintojen talo – “L’été les petites culottes s’envolent” (1984 or 1986)

  • Scene 1. Diane Suresne, Laura Clair, Alban Ceray
  • Scene 2. Dominique Saint Claire, Olinka
  • Scene 3. Olinka, Alban Ceray
  • Scene 4. Dominique Saint Claire, Gerard Gregory, guy
  • Scene 5. 2 girls, Diane Suresne, Marianne Aubert, Gabriel Pontello
  • Scene 6. Olinka, Andre Kay
  • Scene 7. 4 girls, Diane Suresne, Dominique Saint Claire, 4 guys, Alban Ceray, Gabriel Pontello
  • Scene 8. 2 girls, guy
  • Scene 9. Olinka, Andre Kay

Je me suis crossé souvent sur ce film dans mon enfance. Mais maintenant, avec du recul, je me rends compte que Marilyn / Olinka (la blonde) avait vraiment les boules molles!

Marilyn - A Summer full of Passion L été les Petites Culottes s envolent

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