ST. X-Where 2 (1987)

St. X-Where 2 the hospital

St X-Where 2: The kinky nursing staff from the original St. Xwhere is still treating their patients to a very special brand of bedside manner, and their physical therapy sessions are just as kinky as ever. Head nurse Britt Morgan takes her job – and title – very seriously, and sets an example for the rest of the horny institution’s white-clad angels. Hot-rod surgeon Jon Martin gets more than a helping hand from attending nurse Laurel Canyon while performing a delicate procedure on much-in-need patient Alexa Parks. Before long, the entire hospital is ringing with the sounds of patients getting well and doctors getting better, all thanks to St. Xwhere’s kinky on-call cute girls.

  • Scene 1. Alexa Parks, Jon Martin
  • Scene 2. Britt Morgan, Jesse Eastern
  • Scene 3. Nikki Knight, Shanna McCullough
  • Scene 4. Lauryl Canyon, Billy Dee
  • Scene 5. Alexa Parks, Britt Morgan, Keisha, Lauryl Canyon,   Nikki Knight, Shanna McCullough, Billy Dee, Jace Rocker, Jesse Eastern,   Jon Martin