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ex-WWE diva Sunny / Tammy Sytch porn debut

ex-WWE diva Sunny / Tammy Sytch porn debut


Former WWE Diva Sunny AKA Tammy Lynn Sytch is currently pre-trained for sex-on-cam.

TMZ Sports broke the story that Tammy Lynn Sytch, aka Sunny, is close to inking a six figure deal with Vivid Entertainment to become a “genuine porn star” not another fuckin’ sex tape.

Tamara Sytch Sunny twitter WWE Hall of Famer

Go take a look at her Twitter account for confirmation.

As one of her many followers mentioned. A 30 Man Royal Rumble Sunny Gangbang video with some inter racial would be perfect!

Nonetheless, Tamara Sytch AKA Sunny stated that she would like to do a girl girl scene with Kendra Lust.

TMZ adds that the deal is close to being completed, and that Sunny is prepared to start filming right away.


Vivid porn stars, male and female, are more than eager to “work”(fuck) with Sunny.

Porn star Joanna Angel says she will fit right in — “Porn is just like wrestling, it’s sex on steroids, exaggerated. Wrestling is kinda like fighting on steroids … it’s the same thing.”



While we are all impatiently waiting and gushing for her to get nailed on screen. We can already watch her old softcore porn stuff she did with Missy Hyatt on Wrestling Vixxens.


Sunny naked wwe Sytch