Becky Bayless feet

Becky Bayless aka Cookie in TNA Wrestling, real name Rebecca Treston

Becky Bayless is considered an hoe in the good sense (not because of a nasty attitude like Melina Perez but because she is fuckin’ around with a lot of male pro wrestlers) of the word by the other women wrestlers.

The other girl is Rain (aka Bonnie Maxon)

Becky Bayless DUI mugshot
Becky Bayless DUI mugshot. She registered a 0.21 blood alcohol level to the test.

TNA wrestling Knockout Becky ‘Cookie’ Bayless



TNA Knockout Chelsea

She’s fuckin’ HOT!
She is in TNA wrestling!!
She is Chelsea.
On a more serious and informative note, when this pretty faced and piercing eyes beauty is occupated pushing the wheelchair of Ric Flair, being the property of Abyss or accompagnied this douchebag Desmond Wolfe in TNA wrestling under the name of Chelsea.  She is an Orlando, Florida based model named Alison Skipper.  She has appeared in Vogue and Lucky and she is a regular fashion & jewelry model for the Home Shopping Network.
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