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Flo Rida Raps About AWE’s LiveJasmin.com

Flo-Rida e-pimpMIAMI — Florida-based rap artist Flo Rida is seen singing the praises of LiveJasmin.com in his music video “Hey Jasmin,” the first released track from his new CD “Wild Ones.”

LiveJasmin.com, a live webcam portal hosted by Adult Webmaster Empire, not only serves as lyrical inspiration for Flo Rida’s latest joint, but also sets the backdrop for its video, which finds the Grammy-nominated rapper stepping into a club transformed into a live version of the X-rated site.

Rida is seen visiting LiveJasmin.com in the video — on his mobile phone and on his DJ’s laptop — while navigating his way through a bevy of attractive women and nightclub revelers in search of his elusive Jasmin.

He raps, “You may be screamin’ and I may be beatin’ but we gonna be live on Jasmin.com. Everything Asian, Latin persuasion; you know my fetish, yo’ ass is amazing. Jasmin, baby, I just can’t wait see your body naked; come on and shake it.”

Hey Jasmin” is featured on Rida’s “Wild Ones” CD, out now in stores.

This article was originally written by Nelson Ayala and published in XBiz news
Friday, July 27, 2012

Flo-Rida livejasmin hey jasmin

If LiveJasmin.com is good enough for multimillionaire rapper Flo Rida.  It’s good for you!


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