How to become a Pimp / Pornographer

So you wanna be a pimp / pornographer?


Normal, with all these hip hop glamorization of the pimp lifestyle.
Every red-blooded male dreams of being a pimp / pornographer.
Fast life, easy money, bling-bling, big cars, champagne, mansions, swimming pool parties and, not to forget, endless number of chicks at your disposal…
Me, personally, I like the words pimp and pornographer.
I see those professions as noble. 
After all sex is the oldest business of the world.


Whether you are or become an Adult Webmaster, a Porn Blogger, a Webcam Models Agent/Recruiter or any combinaison of the three.  You work as an Affiliate for your sponsors.  The fact and the matter is that our business is Internet Advertising in the Adult Entertainment industryWe are the middle man, we facilitate the smut selling.

 Yesterday, porn was all about publishing.  Today, it’s all about the Internet.
The young lion squashed the old dinosaurs.
Here, I’m not her to sell a get-rich-quick MLM Marketing bullshit package by saying that you will get richer than Bill Gates working one hour a day.  No, there is nothing like that in the real world!  But unfortunately, the internet is full of snake-oil salesmen, rip-off, scam artists selling you that same old shit!!

But in reality, nothing come easy!
Easy money doesn’t exist!
And believe me,
Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

Yes, you can get rich, filthy rich selling porn.  But there is a lot of work to be made.

Take a look at blogger extraordinaire Perez Hilton, Mario Lavandeira of his real name, the man is a muti-multi millionaire.  His blog averages 9 million page views a day.  But to stay on top; Perez Hilton still works 16 hour a day and on average he posts 40 new articles a day.  That’s work!  If you think you work too hard.  Just think about Perez Hilton’s work ethic, consistency, and dedication.  If you want “faster” money you are better becoming a webcam model than a adult webmaster/blogger.

To succeed in the ultra-competitive world of the internet.  You need to treat your “job” as a profession, a vocation, and a passion.  You need to love what you are doing!  If you don’t like it!  You are unlikely to get any kind of success with it.  It’s like anything in life!  If you wanna be excellent you got to work harder than anybody else.  Aim for the moon and you will catch the star.

Longevity is key!

Now that I’ve exposed you to the reality of internet marketing.
If you have read it all my rants, you surely have a strong desire to become a pimp / pornographer / adult webmaster / porn blogger or anything you wanna call it!

You are now ready to start in an $11 billion a year business, the Adult Entertainment industry.  After all, there is nothing like sex and money.  The two has always been linked together since day one.


It’s now time to embark the Adult Entertainment Industry

The only business with no starting fee and complete freedom.
(Don’t make my mistake!  Stay away from any turn-key program that you must pay to join.  99% of the times, there are scam!)


Step 1-  Get yourself a website.

The best place to go to buy yourself a domain name and building a website and/or a blog is  Excellent are simply the best!

Step 2- Pick sponsors (the good ones)

In my view, you’re better to do business with already well-etablished sponsors.  Because there are least chance of getting screwed by well-etablished sponsors.
One word: honesty! 


Because well-etablished sponsors have nothing to gain in screwing their affiliate.  But everything to lose!  Because sooner or later, dishonest affiliates programs get caught and they run out of business.  Because their reputation is all they got.  Without a good reputation, they will have fewer and fewer affiliates to work with.  We, affiliates, are the backbones of their business.  And they know it!

1- Nastydollars

Become an Agent/Recruiter

From George Bush to Barack Obama.
Everybody wanna be an agent/recruiter.
Even the Pope wants a piece of the action $$$

In resume:

Ladies make good pimps too!