in love with the porno


Why bother with sex when you have every fantasy in the world available at one of your hands?

Why going out to find a bitch to have sex with when you can just sit at home, live out your fantasies on the computer and have everything you want night after night? 

Porno sexual priceless internet porn

Time is Money. My Time is my most prescious Currency. So I don’t have time to waste chasing whores. I don’t have time to waste on a girlfriend.

Porn is cheaper than dating

Pornosexuality is about two things. Porn and Masturbationstroke


Masturbation benefits

Pornosexual is someone who prefer to fap watching porn rather than finding sexual partners.


“If I had the chance to get all the porn I’ve ever wanted since the age of 13. I would have been completely self-sufficient. Saving a lot of money and a lot of trouble by the way.” – PYGOD

Self-sufficiency has always been a dream of communist dictators (Stalin, Mao…)


PYGODswives Top 30
Who need a girlfriend when you have 30 Perfect Wives?

My Harem of PYGOD‘s wives is my Perfect World of Perfect Women.


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People who think just like me
I Like Porn Better Than Real Sex

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