Tanner Mayes close my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem



I’d just need a teen to close my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem. And Tanner Mayes is the perfect choice!

My Harem was of 25 bombastic, fantastic girls.  But after reading some stuff about a manga character having his own 30 women Harem.  I said to myself: “Oh gosh!  A 30-girl harem seems like a perfect number to me!”  I had already 4 of my regular jerks-off girls / nominees / not yet PYGOD’s wives in bank.  So I’ve made those 4 wonderful wankable dream girls officially PYGOD’s wives.

But I was still short of one girl to get my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem.  Was I’m going to make one of my two marginal wanking oddities (Yvette Bova, Helena Renata)an official PYGOD’s wives?  I hope not!  Since I’m a teen lover and there isn’t a single teen in my Harem.  A friend of mine suggested that I needed a teen to close my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem.  What an excellent idea!  So instead of rediscovering my circus freak porn stars.  I’ve started to search porn dumpsters all over the web to find my perfect teen girl.  She must be sweet and sexy…  Dirty and naughty…  And with the youngest look you can get.  Only one name came to my mind.  TANNER MAYES.  Tanner Mayes, as you can see, is youthful looking brunette with a cute teenager face, virtually no tits, a fantastic ass and a perfect bald snatch.  Tanner Mayes gave very long rimjobs to the old man ass of Herschel Savage and she is very deep into foot fetish.  Two things that I love!  While I was “searching” for maybe another teen on the web.  I’d know deep inside that Tanner Mayers was THE teen of my heart.

My friend (the one who originally suggested that I needed a teen into my Harem) reaction was: “c’est la total jpense ben que ton top 30 my wife est clo félicitation partenaire.”  Yes indeed, my top 30 PYGOD’s wives is officially closed, no vacancy.  My weenie have all he can handle till the end of time…  Maybe not?


Brunette teen Tanner Mayes scores very high in three critical categories.



Tanner Mayes Babysitter Diaries


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There is SOOO MUCH material available on Tanner Mayes on the net that my masturbation fun will be endless…  My 10 last jerks-off of the last 6 days were made on Tanner Mayes.  And my tonight sleeptime jerk-off will also be courtesy of Tanner Mayes.

Long live the GOD and his 30 PYGOD’s wives!