The One Ring, my wedding ring

Late Thursday night early Friday morning, October 17, 2014, I decided to wear The One Ring full time around my neck. Despite being technically and legally single I AM AN HAPPY MARRIED MAN with the hottest and most beautiful gals on earth THE PYGOD‘s wives.

My Harem of PYGOD’s wives create my Perfect World of Perfect Women.

I don’t need whores anymore!

A little bit of history about The One Ring AKA The One Ring of Power AKA the Ruling Ring. The One Ring is the central plot element in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lords of The Ring since the Ring-bearer will rule the world. Here below are the inscriptions on the inside and outside of the One Ring and the traduction.

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Since I’m obsessed with Money, Power and Porn. The One Ring is perfect to symbolize the eternal pleasure, everlasting orgasm, and utopic self-sufficiency given to me by MY PYGOD‘s wives. Nothing is more empowering than self-sufficiency.

image for George W. Bush possesses the Ring of Power
The One Ring to Rule Them All


I have to admit that I took the genius idea to wear a ring to celebrate my endless love to MY PYGOD‘s wives from the self-proclaimed World’s Largest Sex Doll Collector, a middle-aged computer engineer from Tokyo, Japan. A man smart enough to understand that women are just a bunch of trouble and a waste of Time and Money. Smart enough to know that relationships are full of compromises and bullshit that you don’t need. And smart enough to know that love ain’t shit. The World’s Largest Sex Dolls Collector is married to his “Dutch wives” (“Datchi-waifu”). For over 10 years, he always wears his wedding ring to commemorate the first time he bought, collected, and fucked a life-sized love doll. 🙂

Like he said “My ladies are always there for me,” and “They never talk back.” You’re right! Two very important things. “More than a woman” can ever be.


My tungsten and gold laser-engraved One Ring looks good around my big thick badass $5,000 gold chain. Even if they are always in my mind 24/7, with the One Ring around my neck I can always remember that everything is fine since I have MY PYGOD‘s wives and that I’m gonna jerk-off to them before falling asleep tonight.


The orgasms that MY PYGOD‘s wives give me are like an heroin high (I presume). An intense feeling of healthy happiness and relaxing delivery cuming after a very intense heart beating, hair grabbing, fist biting “kick start my heart” pre-climax session. The summon of pleasure for free, troubleless hassel-free, and very good for you psychological, physical, and even financial health! Time is my most valuable asset, why wasting my time to get laid when I can do it by myself?


FAPPING is my heroin!