The only Adult Affiliate Program that won’t screw you!

After reading my first message on this blog, you now know that I’m not really enthusiast about Multi Level Marketing.  Most of them are crapplers!  And I’ve don’t have time and money to lose with crapplers!!
Maybe the real reason that I’m not more into Multi Level Marketing is because that I hate concurrence.  And I don’t want more adult webmasters to share my piece of the pie.  Yes that’s it!  I’m an egomaniac and I don’t want to share my market and my hardwork with nobody!?!
But in a purely business point of view, it can be lucrative to share a little with the newbies.
All this pyramidal MLM shit is maybe true!  You get money, I get money, and everybody live happy ever after!!!Yes, it is possible and it can be true.
But ONLY with the right affiliate program.
And believe me, honest affiliate programs exists. But they are rare.

Actually I works with a sponsor for several years.  An honest and professional sponsor that pay on time and that I know I can TRUST.

Usually I’ve tried several free sponsors, only to left them after some times.  Because they didn’t convert well or they were crooks who cheated me on my hits and traffic.

But with this particular sponsor.  I’ve stick with them for a long time!
They pay well, they convert well, and their material is simply bombastic!!

In fact, the first thing that got me interested to them is their porn material.  Simply AWESOME!!  I love it!!!

But who is this Adult Affiliate Program that won’t screw you?

This program is nastydollars.

Finally an adult affiliate program who understand that there is a lot more money to be made being honest, working together, and paying his happy affiliates.  Than being a classeless dishonest scammer who screw his clients, affiliates and associates out of a couple of dollars…

As you can see on my others blogs and websites.  Except for nastydollars, there is not too many sponsors that I advertise.
The reason is clear and simple!
I don’t have advertising spaces to promote affiliate programs that I don’t trust..
And actually nastydollars is the ONLY program that I trust at 100%.

But i’m still trying, testing and searching for other honest affiliate programs out there.
Some seem to work well but it’s to soon to tell.

Stay tune!  If I find another one I will tell you!

Yours truly,