My Obsession

M.C. pour Maestro du Cunnilingus.

I love eating pussy.

I could do it all day.

I especially like it when a woman moans and then ejaculates all over my lips and face.

A wet pussy is the best thing in the world.

I would rather eat pussy than have sex.

I worship pussies. I’m orally-fixated and I LOVE going down on a girl for hours! Better still, I think I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body I’m so fucking good at it! My goal is to make her pass out when she come. All I know is that when I’m finished, my face looks like a glazed donut!

My BIGGEST PLEASURE is to make her moan, shaking her legs, feeling her body shaking from the inside, and when my prescious princess ejaculates in my wide open mouth and all over my face.  I swallow and lick each and every drop of her divine squirt and pussy juice.  I LOVE IT!!!

When her thighs squeezes my head between her legs and she’s screaming from pleasure!  When she try to push my head out of her thighs because she can’t take no more!!  But when I’m here I can’t get my face out of her pussy!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

LADIES!!!  As you can see I’m a HUGE oral fanatic and my mission is to GETTING YOU EXPLODE AND SQUIRT ALL OVER MY FACE!!!

I love you all, girls!  See you soon, my head between your thighs hopefully!! 

Your loverboy,


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