Pinky PYGOD’s wives Induction

Saturday April 13, 2013 was the date that my favorite big booty lady Pinky was inducted into my beloved PYGOD‘s wives as my Number 24. 


My last PYGOD’s wives induction was my Number 23, Jayna James AKA Amy Anderssen on Saturday morning, March 3, 2012 at 4 AM.  And my Number 22 is the ultra-dirty dirtiest girl of all time, Annette Schwarz who was inducted on Thursday, October 20, 2011.

From March 27 to April 13, on a 18 days period, I’ve wanked and jerked off to Pinky 20 times.  Meanwhile it was a big deal that I’ve jerked-off 33 times on Amy Anderssen AKA Jayna James in 2012.  33 times over the length of 365 days vs. Pinky 20 times on an 18 days period.

Pinky XXX literally streamrolled over long time nominees like Janine Lindemulder (a serious contender for the Number 24 spot), Krystal Steal, Priya Rai, handjob/facial champion Tania Russof, all time dirty horse sucking whore Monica Mattos, and maybe Carmen Luvana and Madison Ivy.  All are classical beauties and extremely beautiful women with perfect bodies and faces.  But they all miss something, a very important something, THE SPARKS.  Sure as hell, Pinky got THE SPARKS, a shitload of SPARKS and she can make me hard and kick start my heart like no one else.

Despite all THE SPARKS and the incredible jerks-off and heart kicking given by Pinky.  I didn’t want Pinky on my PYGOD’s wives list.  I thought that she wasn’t pretty enough and dirty enough to be a stablemate in my Harem.  I fought against the idea of having Pinky among my beloved PYGOD’s wives, Goddesses Of My Endless Pleasure and self-gratification.  But fuck it!  Pinky make me hard in seconds, got my climax in minutes, and can kickstart my heart for hours.  Never before I was so obsessed by a woman.  I’m sexually addicted to Pinky, she’s my heroin.  I dig her bubble butt, small waist, gorgeous feet, red hair, her skin, her blowjob expertise…  I love everything about her.  I have no other choice than to admit Pinky into my PYGOD’s wives Harem.  Doing otherwise would be self-denial and dishonesty.  She’s different, so what?  I like variety and I need variety.  So welcome to Pinky bubble butt into my PYGOD’s wives H@rem $l@ve$ G!rl$.  Long live to Pinky and thankx for the many orgasms you gave me and the countless orgasms that are still to cum!

The Pinky induction into my PYGOD‘s wives H@rem $l@ve G!rl$ is maybe a change of time.  The etablishment for a new trend in my PYGOD’s wives choice AKA my wanking habits.  My first 23 PYGOD’s wives are typical beauty, all full-grown women with long hair and perfect bodies, all dirty and intense nymphomaniacs!  Maybe now, there is a before Pinky and an after Pinky era.  The before Pinky era was reserved to 23 classical beauties and dirty porn performers.  And the after Pinky era, in a much-needed desire for new unusual thing, will be the freak era.  An era where a very atypical female bodybuilder porn star like Yvette Bova can find her place into my H@rem $l@ve G!rl$ ?  Who know? 

I’ve got the 23 hottest girls of the planet to my entire disposition.  Maybe it’s time to had some variety to my list, into my Harem?  Not too long ago, I thought that the addition of a midget girl (Helena Renata) and an inanimated RealDoll (Jenny Densuke) would be fine add to my PYGOD’s wives list.  This time is now! 

Pretty or not, you make me cum.  You will be on my list.  After all it’s not me that decide, it’s my dick that take all the decisions.
PYGOD‘s wives H@rem $l@ve G!rl$